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Tatiana aka “Red Persik’ was born in the small town Rzhavki, which is consonant with the word “Rust” in Russian language. Not having any classes in drawing, swimming or sports, the biggest entertainment was to play in puddles, build little ecosystems, construct islands out of mud and sand, and of course make cozy nests with grass for her plastic dinosaurs. Undoubtedly, the love for majestic reptiles like Dragons appeared already at that time and as a hobby Red was building whole dragon kingdoms out of plasticine. With the transition to adolescence, the hobby was abandoned, but with the end of school there was a question of what to do with her life, what to live on and how to earn a piece of bread.

Realizing that it does not suit her to fit into the classic system of human life. She begins her own thing, a favorite of her childhood, just sculpting dragons under the pseudonym of “RedPersik. Searching for any sculptural materials on foreign resources, she slowly but surely improves her skill on her own in isolation. After a while, many admirers of her work come around. Though she’s had many thoughts about moving away from the dragon theme, it doesn’t want to let her go. 

“On the one hand, it’s kind of a prison, on the other hand, you can get so much through the image of the dragon. I went into human plastic anatomy, I didn’t sculpt people afterwards, but I got a better understanding of how muscles work and was able to convey my images more naturally. I can admire the texture of wood and display it in a dragon. Show feminine
elegance and charm. A man’s strength and confidence. The dragon is a very versatile chimera.”

In 2022, because of the political situation in the country, Tatiana decided to leave her country and collected documents to apply for a visa to France. “I had no exhibitions, no education, I don’t even really consider myself an artist, I didn’t believe France would approve my visa.” However, a week later, going to get her passport without much hope, opening the envelope there was a stamp “Passport Talent” allowing to start a new life in french alps.

Today, Tatiana lives among the most beautiful alps in Grenoble and is building her future, thanks to the dragons who have guarded her since childhood in her life’s journey.

Tatiana’s work is inspired by nature, people, and life. In her works she always likes to play with composition, making the sculptures dynamic and graceful. She uses polymer clay and acrylic painting as materials. Sometimes she finds especially ancient objects at flea markets and implements the image to match them.

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