Yulgurushes are brought to this life with the call of the Forest Guardians. You can probably name them the Servants of Forests, as they play huge role in floral balance.

Usually being very small, they can fit in your palm, rarely they grow in the size of a soccer ball.

They have an incredibly long tongue, that they use to scoop up the plant with its roots unharmed from the ground, and then place it into his pot-like opening on his back.

This marks the begging of a friendship between a Yulgurush and little sprouts, that are too weak to grow and survive on their own, or their population is close to be extinguished, and needs help to revive.

The Yulgurush senses all needs of a plant in his “pot”, he can locate it in the place with the warmest sunlight, or in opposite, somewhere darker and chillier.
When the plant is finally strong enough for self-sufficient life, the Yulgurush carefully takes it out of the “pot” and plants it in the location,that is the most ideal and suitable for this specement.

The skin of Yulgurushes reminds of a bark.
They eat seeds and plant fruits, thus helping with vegetation spreading in forests.

When a Yulgurush feels, that his life time is coming to its end, he looks for bigger seeds, like acorns, pine cones, the peach seeds, and types like these. he swallows them, so they could get stuck in his stomach, then he proceeds to look for the best place for the future tree, that will gain its strength through his dying body, slowly growing out of his belly.

You can easily spot a tree, that was brought to life with the help of a small Yulgurush. Probably you found yourself roaming around in the forest, and suddenly saw an immense pine tree, that stands out from the rest of its neighbors. Or a giant oak in middle of a field. Or a peach tree, that brings an incredible amount of fruits each year.

These trees were lucky enough to be grown out of a Yulgurush. Perhaps, you will be lucky enough to find his remains between the old roots…

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